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IDI is a consulting and education firm founded in 1974, specializing in software development methodologies and large-scale project management, Conrad Weisert, principal.

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New in October-January

  • What ever happened to U.S. meetings and conferences? —Why aren't events hosted in America any more?

  • Disposing of Harmful BooksWhat should we do with really awful books?

  • Another "object-oriented"book rejects the object paradigm.

  • What ever happened to a calendar of events?How can we plan our schedules with insufficient notice?

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    New in July-September

    The lighter side

    Wisdom from methodology gurus Signs for your office wall
    More wisdom from our vendors Programmer's crossword puzzles
    Verbal Opposites and Comparisons—Is English missing some useful words? Langenscheits Konversationsbuch—Practical language guidance for travelers in Europe.

    Time-tested innovations

    Young experts and writers just now discovering "new" principles and ideas that were common knowledge decades ago.

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