Articles on technical topics

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Some of these articles have been published in trade journals or professional society publications. Others are exclusively published here. Some require Adobe Acrobat reader.

Pet Programming Peeves
Minor coding issues and puzzling practices that irritate us.

Articles on object-oriented design and programming

Special featured topic for 2006: Pseudo Object-Oriented Programming

We're seeing more and more examples of distorted understandings of what OOP is about, and we're seeing them not only in actual software development projects, but also in textbooks and journals. Many project failures can be attributed to this phenomenon, and object technology itself is being unfairly discredited in some organizations.

General OOP Topics

Java specific

C/C++ specific

Articles about programming practices and techniques

Articles about other programming languages and tools

Information about HTML and web deployment

All Lists Are Ordered!—a common gaffe among writers on HTML.

Information about about Systems Analysis

An Important Resource for the Systems Analyst

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